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We can advise and assist you in all phases of your business.

Starting Your Business

To protect themselves from personal liability for many types
of business debts and obligations, most entrepreneurs
operate their businesses through limited liability companies,
corporations or certain types of partnerships. We can help
you select the appropriate entity and prepare the
documentation necessary for the formation and operation of
that entity.

Operating Your Business

We have experience in many types of matters that come up
in the ordinary course of your business including
employment agreements, real estate and equipment leases,
corporate governance (such as director and shareholder
meetings), sales and distribution contracts and incentive
compensation plans.

Raising Capital

Raising capital often is complex and time consuming. The
offer and sale of securities (which can include debt as well as
equity) are subject to state and federal securities laws, and
can lead to the personal liability of controlling persons (which
can include executive officers, directors and substantial
shareholders of corporations) absent compliance with those
laws. While compliance never can be fully assured, most
issuers will prepare offering documents making, to the best
of their knowledge, full and fair disclosure of all facts material
to the making of an informed investment decision. We can
assist you in the negotiation, documentation and
implementation of securities offerings and other types of
financing transactions.

Exiting Your Business

We can help you formulate and implement strategies for
exiting your business including management buyouts,
succession plans, asset or equity sales and mergers.
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